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2020 was an unprecedented year in many ways. On the one hand, a pandemic raged through the globe causing widespread lockdowns. This led to the shutdown of many businesses, causing industry segments as a whole to rethink their entire business model. On the other hand, a few industries actually grew by leaps and bounds DUE to the lockdowns and social distancing rules. Also, while many lost their jobs and had to depend on government handouts to pay their rent and bills, a whole new breed of billionaires emerged during this period. Interestingly, many stock markets and other economic indicators actually showed a positive growth sign in the same time frame.

Pitch Scientific has been fortunate to have shown the latter trend of growth during 2020. This was achieved by a myriad of factors, including robust internal processes, ensuring data privacy and security, management’s excellent foresight to be prepared for any eventualities, rapid deployment of new remote working protocols, strong team working using latest communication technology, among others. It was a near seamless transition almost overnight from a ‘congregate-in-the-office-to provide-our-quality-services’ to ‘work-remotely-to-provide-our-quality-services’. None of our clients felt even the slightest ripple of transition while everyone worked to adjust their working conditions to the new normal.


  • robust internal processes
  • data privacy and security
  • management’s foresight
  • rapid deployment of new remote working protocols
  • strong team working using latest communication technology


“Its been a pleasure working with you this past year, notwithstanding the other issues that 2020 brought us. I look forward to working with you in what should be a better year – 2021. Best wishes to you, your family and your team for a happy and healthy New Year.”


“If Pitch Scientific continues with the quality work product you provide - you will lead a very successful company!”

The smooth shift from the ‘old normal’ to ‘new normal’ was well appreciated by clients. Good wishes and positive feedback came from many of them. Of course, since no search can ever be considered a comprehensive search, there is always room for improvement. A few search projects resulted in some feedback that only served as fodder for improvement.

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