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Patentability / Novelty

Have an invention? Is your invention new and inventive? Request a search to identify patent and/or non-patent literature published before your invention to determine the viability of your invention. Basis our search results, make an informed decision whether you should invest in filing a patent application. Our search results could help in improvising your invention too.

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Freedom to Operate (FTO) / Clearance to Operate

Thinking to manufacture, import/export and/or sell invention/products? Are you free to operate? You may be at a risk of litigation. A Freedom To Operate (FTO) helps to identify risk of your manufacture, import/export and/or sell infringing an existing patent/patent portfolio. Basis our search results, make an informed decision whether you should invest in manufacture, import/export and/or sell of your invention/product.

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Patent Invalidity

Accused of a patent infringement ? Know of a patent similar to yours? An invalidity search helps to identify if a patent is valid or invalid by virtue of prior existing published patented and non-patented literature. An Invalidity Search can assist in determining the strength of a patent to be enforced. Invalidity Search is equally effective in determining the validity of a patent being considered for a purchase.

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State of the Art (SoA)

Thinking to waste your efforts in re-inventing the wheel? Wish to know how many variants of wheel have already been patented? A State of the Art (SoA) search assists in identifying patents from a particular technology/product/invention. Results of this search are helpful in identifying already existing competitors and their patent filing trends. A State of the Art (SoA) search is equally effective in determining avenues of new invention development or those that have been heavily developed.

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Patent Landscape

Thinking to invest in a new technology? A Patent Landscape Search can assist to identify concentrated areas of patents and gaps in a technology of interest. (this type of search is often combined with a state of the art search which gives the details in the patents and categorises them). A Patent Landscape Search is equally effective in identifying trends and companies/inventors active in the technology of interest.

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